Why do you work with energy?

Each of us, every single person on the planet, is filled with energy. Our bodies radiate warmth, our hearts beat, our diaphragm naturally expands and relaxes allowing us to breathe in and out. Our eyes look around and observe our surroundings. Our minds ponder various thoughts and create stories and images, (at times entire mental film productions). Our emotions stir, filling us with a sense of contentedness, hope, peacefulness, or perhaps fear, worry, anger or grief. All of these processes are run with energy. You get the picture. In every aspect of our being we are energy. Our meals are digested, absorbed, taken into the cells to power (empower) our every physical, mental and emotional process. And when we take the microscopic or quantum view, life all boils down to exchanges of energy in various ways.

From the quantum perspective (that imaginary snapshot image within the atoms that make up our tissues, that make up our organs, that make up our bodies), we are mostly made up of energetic space with very little actual substance or matter. Any why does this matter? Because when we look at the methods of the ancient traditions of the healing arts, we see that these men and women of wisdom worked with the pathways where this energy flows within the body, identifying ways of noticing disruptions of normal flow patterns and establishing or restoring natural balance and harmony to the energy patterns of body, mind and spirit. The great thinkers of our time see that form follows consciousness, that is, if our energy is in balance, our physical, mental and emotional being will thus also be in balance. This is the goal of Energyworks, to return our total being to it’s natural state of harmony.

Where does this energy come from and how do I get more of it?

Each living being is endowed with life force energy just by virtue of the fact that we were created, born and are living and breathing here, now on this beautiful Earth. This universal energy is perfect, balanced, loving and FREE. Our natural state is the state of being in harmony with our life force energy. When our body function energies are perfectly aligned with our inherited Universal life force energy we embody a sense of wellness, wholesomeness, optimism, openness, acceptance and overall wellbeing. We begin to lose our perfect balance in the face of the stresses and strains of daily living. Fears, worries, sadness, trauma, dietary imbalance, environmental toxins, emotional and mental toxins, accidents, injuries, hereditary illness, financial crises, loss, death, divorce, failure… in fact our interactions with the realities of “the world” even in the best of conditions can often lead to imbalance.

We all have access to an unlimited supply of Universal life force energy but after a lifetime of stresses, we develop blockages which distort our natural energy flows in the body eventually leading to physical, emotional or mental illness. Body energy work encourages the release of blockages and restoration of natural energy flows bringing us back into our authentic well being.

How do you work with my energy?

The energy work I practice, Jin Shin Jyutsu, opens energy flow patterns similar to acupuncture meridians without the use of needles. The hands are placed on the body in areas where energy can become stagnated or “tied in knots”. These areas are called safety energy locks. My hands are uses as “jumper cables” to allow your natural life force energy to re-establish flow.

Reiki work is used at the end of the session to smooth and seal the aura and ground the client before returning to the outside world.

Who can benefit from energy work?

All of us who feel dis“ease” on some level of our being can benefit from Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reiki. Remember, this ancient art of energy flow restores the natural movement and balance of our life force energies. This helps us release the attitudes of worry, fear, anger, shame, grief and trying too hard, so that we come back to our authentic centered being.

Jin Shin Jyutsu promotes health and ease in our physical body, our emotional moods and our mental thought patterns. We also need to “help ourselves” by eating healthful foods, avoiding toxins and addictive chemicals, regular exercise and fresh air, breathing deeply and fully and appropriate medical treatments and compliance.

By working at the level of energy flow, Jin Shin Jyutsu creates a template of balance and health which can result in the outpouring of our physical, emotional and mental wellness. Jiro Murai, who brought Jin Shin Jyutsu into our modern world said “Any of these flows may reverse a lifetime of disharmony”.

Having said all this, Energy Work is not a substitute for professional medical care, but is complimentary in working to bring you to your highest degree of wellness.

What Does it Feel Like?

The experience of a session will vary for each individual– some people see colors and bursts of beautiful light, others may envision people they are close to or visit imaginary or previously visited places. Others fall asleep or drift in and out of awareness. A session can bring feelings of peace, happiness or feeling energetic, calm, balance or centeredness.

The History of Jin Shin Jyutsu

This information is taken from Mary Burmseister’s text, Jin Shin Jyutsu Is Book 1. She brought this art to the west in 1940.

JIN is man of Knowing and Compassion.
SHIN is Creator.
JYUTSU is art.
Jin Shin Jyutsu: Creator’s art personally for MYSELF.
or the Art of Getting to KNOW (Help) MYSELF

According to ancient written records, which remain in the Archives of the Imperial Palace in Japan, Jin Shin Jyutsu was widely known before the birth of Gautama Buddha (India); before the birth of Moses (recorded in the Bible); and before Kojiki (Record of Ancient Things, Japan, A.D. 712). Jin Shin Jyutsu is an innate part of man’s wisdom.

For many centuries the KEYS to the treasures of Jin Shin Jyutsu were passed from generation to generation by verbal teachings. Gradually these keys began to fade until the true concept of this art was virtually lost. The rediscovery of these ancient treasures came about by Master Jiro Murai of Japan, in the early 1900’s.

Master Murai was born before the turn of the century into a family of long-lined medical professionals. He chose not to follow family tradition and began his search for the true meaning of life. During his wanderings he became terminally ill with an unknown illness. No one could be found to help him. His own family could do nothing but to watch him fade away. Master Murai never lost faith. He began to wonder about the great men in the past of whom he had read about experiencing miracles and enlightenment through quiet meditation and what would become the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu. He finally requested his family to carry him on a stretcher up to their mountain cabin. He wanted to be alone. He asked them to leave him in solitude for seven days and to return on the eighth day to see the outcome.

In the stillness of the mountain splendor Master Murai meditated and experienced the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu. Each day passed on to the next, becoming conscious and unconscious, with his physical body experiencing loss of heat each day. Then on the seventh day he experienced a feeling of being lifted out of the deepfreeze and thrown into a furnace of fire. When this tremendous heat subsided, he felt no more discomforts. It was like after the passing of a terrible storm. The quiet, the calm, the peace encompassed his whole being. To his amazement and disbelief, he was completely healed. He immediately dropped to his knees and thanked the Creator and vowed that he would dedicate his remaining years to the study of this art of Jin Shin Jyutsu and dedicate his findings to Ise Jingu (the Imperial Shrine at Ise, chief cultural center of Amaterasu since the first century A.D.) for mankind. This he did accomplish.

In the late 1940’s I was guided to Master Murai. At the time of our meeting I was “searching” for that “something”, which I believe each one of us experiences at one time or another in our lifetime.

Master Murai greeted me with, “Would you like to study with me to take a ‘gift’ from Japan to America?” — just a simple question. I had no idea of the depth of its meaning at the time. So just as simply I replied, “Yes”.

Upon my attending his first lecture, I was filled with humility and awe of the “why” I was here. My “search” ended and an art of LIVING opened up for me. It was not until nearly thirty years later of continued study that the impact of the meaning in Master Murai’s first greeting became a reality to me.


Jin Shin Jyutsu is truly the art of happiness, the art of longevity and the art of benevolence. It is the Creator’s art personally for MYSELF, the art of Getting to KNOW (Help) MYSELF.

The art of LIVING is simple. We complicate it in our efforts to try to live, or is it to exist? Jin shin Jyutsu is beautifully simplifying the complexities of existing into an art of LIVING.

Introducing Jin shin Jyutsu “is”, is only to awaken our AWARENESS as to what “being” is. It is simply the Getting to KNOW (Help) MYSELF.

—Mary Burmeister

Spiritual Philosophy

Through Jin Shin Jyutsu energy work our awareness is awakened to the simple fact that all that is needed for harmony and balance (rhythm with the universe) physically, mentally, emotionally, digestively and spiritually is within MYSELF. Through this awareness, the feeling of complete peace, serenity, security, and the oneness within is evident. No person, situation or thing can take these away from MYSELF. All fears (the basis of disharmony) begin to dissipate one by one and all unnecessary burdens are unloaded from our shoulders to make way for the complete harmony within and without. There is no room for feelings of competition and comparison in our everyday LIVING. There is only the present state of BE-ing, which already is our “past” and the foundation of our “future.”

It is the Getting to KNOW (Help) MYSELF.

—Mary Burmeister